What CCS does for it’s clients.... We use technology to craft client solutions. Clients are unique. No two are the same. Even two clients within the same vertical market can have radically different needs. We have achieved many happy results for our clients by using our custom crafted solutions. We focus on the clients individual needs, and craft a solution to fit those needs. That’s where we are different from your large box pushing retail outlets, or even now the cellular phone stores....They may talk about being “Tech People” but we have lived it for over a decade. We know what works. CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 What CCS customers are saying..... “When we expanded recently and opened two new offices, we looked to CCS to provide us with a total technology solution. It was more than just servers and workstations...it was the level of expertise that struck us. Chris and his team suggested so many things that we had never thought about”...Scott S   Take a look around our site, then give us a call today